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North Ward Homes, Inc. would be very interested in meeting with you and being involved with the construction of your new project.  We are a custom builder, specializing in building the “up-north” through the “contemporary” style.  We have a long and steady history of customer service, before, during, and after the construction project.  

Our experienced team will help with your building project from the site plans, permits, and tree cutting to the finished project.  We are large enough to handle any residential construction project and small enough to offer personal service.  We take pride in having access to the Lake Area’s best sub-contractors and vendors.  This helps to insure proper and professional craftsmanship, timely schedules, and meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.  We employ a full-time, year-around, crew of seasoned carpenters to insure your project will stay on schedule, regardless of the season.  

While working with North Ward Homes, Inc. as your contractor/builder and an independent architect or designer, you will reap the benefits of getting the best expertise in each area.  Designers can explore the full breadth of construction systems un-tethered to a specific contractor’s method, idealized themes or design.  Our work has appeared in a nationally renowned architects book and other venues.

North Ward Homes, Inc. would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your preliminary plans and compile a construction document package for your new project.  The opportunity to assist you in any capacity regarding your construction needs will be appreciated and met with vigor and all of North Ward Homes collective and substantial resources.

North Ward Homes, Inc. will work with you in obtaining the optimum building solution for your current project.  We are committed to helping you figure out what best fits your needs and budget.  We're happy to answer all your questions and to give you a building estimate/bid quote.
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Phone: (218) 568-6600   Fax: (218) 568-6066  Email: northwardhomes@tds.net
MN Contractor License #BC276039
The relationships and homes we build reflect our values.
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We are a full service contractor.  We do all our own construction and carpentry.  We have our own professional well-seasoned staff that does the work under direct supervision of the owner.  Construction is all we have ever done.  We do all of the construction and carpentry in-house.  We do not sub-out any carpentry or construction.  "Our greatest asset has always been our people."

​Proudly Serving the Community since 1992.
Our staff and carpenters have a true vested interest in the quality of your home throughout the entire process.  Subs and other specialty personnel often remark about how they appreciate the way we do things and how well things are put together.  It is the only way to have continuity throughout the entire process and have craftsmanship the highest priority from start to finish.  No exceptions.  Pride in excellence; attention to detail at every juncture is our trademark.

Let us help build your future legacy together.  A campsite and getaway for family and your grandchildren, up at the lake in God's country - Crow Wing and Cass County, MN.  Where the loons call and the waters shimmer and dance from the light of the summer moon.  What better memory could you or your lineage have or create - A place to celebrate family together.  Let's get started on this journey.
Proudly Serving the Community Since 1992